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langerado 2006

well i guess it looks like this community isn't really alive but i'll give it a try...

so who went this year? i went down there for the last day... kinda crazy story actually, i go to school in ohio and flew into tampa saturday night and then drove down there the next day to see some good music & meet up with some good friends. the minute i got there i ran across the field to see Mofro, definately one of my favorite bands. anyways, i had a pretty good time. i didn't really like the no re-entry policy, but i guess it was ok 'cus i got to see antibalas, robert randolph, g. love, wilco, & black crowes instead of drinking cheaper beer at my car... haha. anyways, i've posted some pictures on my myspace blog if anyone wants to check 'em out: http://www.myspace.com/leftoverlindsay

also, there's this site http://bt.etree.org if your interested in finding recordings search langerado or the band and you should find it. the site is a little complicated so read faq and you should be able to figure it out. alright peeps, have a beautiful day!!
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